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Brief History of Revolutionary Soldier, Captain John Medearis

John T. Medearis who came to America from England prior to the war of the Revolution, and settled in Virginia is the first of the name of whom we have authentic account. He married Miss Rachel Davis, and to them were born three children -- Benjamin, Martha, and John. Benjamin married Miss Grady of Virginia; Martha, Mr. Phillips of Mississippi; of them, we have no further knowledge. John, from whom we trace our line of descent, was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, and shall be designated in this paper as Captain John Medearis, as a soldier and officer of the war of the American Revolution, and of services rendered by him in assisting to establish American Independence.

First: John Medearis was Lieutenant in Eaton's Company of the Third North Carolina Infantry, April 15th, 1777. Was promoted to Captain, December 23rd, of same year, in same Company. Was transferred to the First Regiment of North Carolina Continental Infantry, February 6th, 1782.

Second: Captain John Medearis was pensioned as Captain North Carolina Troops at $480.00 per annum. As his application is not on file, his services cannot be more definitely stated; on application of his daughter, Mary Medearis Smith, of Bedford County, Tennessee, March 31st, 1823, the pension was increased to $600.00 per annum as Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General for services of two years.

Third: Military Grant for services as an American soldier in the war of the Revolution, and for actual services rendered as a soldier in the Continental Army, for gallantry, bravery, and loyalty, Captain John Medearis of Fifth Regiment North Carolina Troops, was granted by United States Government, 3,290 acres of land in Marshall County, Tennessee, a record of this land grant appears on page three, of Warrant Number 19, Book Number One, Land Register office, Nashville, Tennessee. The following is a copy of a letter, which is self explanatory:

To the Commissioners of Specific Tax, in
Benton and Newburn Districts, North Carolina:
Halifax, N.S.,
March 13th, 1782


Captain John Medearis attends to receive
the Specific supplies ordered by his Excellency, Governor
Burke, for the use of defraying charges in the Quartermaster's
Department. He bears the several orders for that purpose,
which you will receive and take his receipt for the quantity
he may receive, and oblige,

Your Humble Servant,
Nicholas Long, D.H.

I believe this information was compiled by Mary Medearis, the great-granddaughter of Captain John Medearis. This text was transcribed into this blog from a photocopy of a type written document that provided to me by Charles Ham, the great-grandson of Mary's sister, Frances Dean Medearis.

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Anonymous said...

John Thomas Medearis was born in Middlesex county Virginia in 1704 not England. His grand father was Domingo Maderas born 1620. They are not sure where he was born; However they think he may have immigrated from Spain or Europe. He lived near Dragon Swamp Virginia and Died there in 1647.

Anonymous said...

Domingo is believed to be born around. 1620

David Feeney Cantley said...

I also have many of the same documents and narratives supposedly from Mary Elizabeth Medearis Feeney. Also some photos of her as late as 1923. Francis Dean Medearis was her mother and Mary Lipscomb Medearis would have been her cousin. Mary E. was the oldest daughter of John T. Medearis and Francis Dean Medearis. Her father was named after his grandfather, Capt. John T. Medearis. Mary E. (Medearis) Feeney was my great-great grandmother. (David Feeney Cantley)